Looking back to look ahead


I successfully launched redesigned websites for Stream Breeze as well as a revamp for the parent company, Hi-Tech Enterprises.

I used the holiday weekend to revamp this site and collect what amounts to a 30 year portfolio of productions… sure have come a long way from the Macintosh Hypercard Stacks and Atari ST Master Tracks!!

The tools just keep getting more powerful and simpler to use and now I am taken with Word Press in a BIG way and am excited to once again be deep into modern multi-media web design.

Music is on a back-burner, even photography is (mostly) shelved while I learn these new skills and plan for what happens next.

Who knows? Could be something heavy…. Stay tuned.

Peace out.

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Work, work, work!

monkey-on-computerLots of new pages and content have been added as I flesh out the rest of the website. There is now a dedicated portfolio page for some of my photography as well as video productions, graphic designs and much much more. Let me know what you think!

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The Reactive Projects website has been revamped!

We are proud to introduce our newly redesigned website, taking advantage of the latest web-design  technologies. Created within the WordPress framework, this new MySQL / PHP driven website is state-of-the-art and able to expand with an ever-evolving technology. Browse around, check out the links and tell us what you think of this new redesign!

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