tv-man1977Reactive Projects has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1995 . Greg started working in the broadcast video industry while still a senior in High School (pictured at left in 1976) and has had a long and distinguished career as a freelance audio and video producer and consultant. Branching out into sound reinforcement,  as well as graphic design and print media desktop publishing in the mid 80s, he was an early adopter of computer technology (Macs and Ataris, later Windows and Mac systems) and has been at the bleeding edge ever since.

We have extensive experience in web design and traditional print/visual media as well as professional-level video and audio production, photography, and related disciplines. We utilize the latest tools for internet engineering such as WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Java, javascript, CSS and HTML5 plus the typical Adobe Creative suite tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, et al that are used for traditional print media, ensuring that your project will look and sound state-of-the-art.

You may also wish to read about Greg’s miraculous struggle for survival -living more than 20 years with Stage IV Malignant Melanoma (Skin Cancer)!



“Swamp People” by Greg Savaiano